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Beard Hair Removal

Beard hair removal is becoming increasingly fashionable to men who do not want to suffer from annoying and unsightly collar rash, or stubble on their necks and cheeks.

Men do not have to spend countless hours grooming, shaving, or tweezing his facial hair into submission. Laser hair removal is now available for the task of getting rid of unwanted facial, chest or back hair, saving you precious time in your daily routine.

The procedure neatens the beard line, removing unwanted stray curls from the neck and/or cheeks. It does not matter if the strands to be removed are thick or healthily attached to your skin, Laser By Sia makes quick work of eliminating them.

beard hair removal 

How long does it take and what does it cost?

Laser beard removal is quick and practically painless. It only takes 10 minutes to groom your neck and cheeks. We use only the very latest international technology, with which we can guarantee that you will no longer suffer from annoying collar rash and ingrown hairs after just a few sessions. Our prices are also very competitive – as you can see from our price list here.

Why choose to have your beard removed with laser?

Laser is simply the best choice available to you, as the process will greatly reduce the thickness and coarseness of your beard hair, meaning you will not have to shave as often or pluck, or have to endure the rough scratch of stubble against your collar ever again. It can permanently remove all unwanted growth on your cheeks and temples too, and basically cleaning up the entire area around your face.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments will depend on your skin colour and follicle type. Generally, you will require a few sessions each performed every 5-6 weeks until the follicle becomes inactive. You may also need a couple of maintenance appointments a year.

How does laser hair removal for men work?

This new method of hair elimination works by using Photothermolysis. This means taking light energy and converting it into heat, which targets the follicle. Following your treatment, your cheeks or neck may be slightly red, but the redness will subside within a couple of hours.

Does it work anywhere?

The method is very effective and works on the back, stomach, chest, face and genitals. A highly popular treatment is male back hair removal, which means no more shirts on the beach!

Why choose Laser by Sia?

We are recognised in Sydney as the best in the field.  We are upfront about the results our clients can expect from the procedure. We use the latest technology and not IPL, which means our lasers are the most effective at eliminating unwanted hair. So if you would like to be smooth, well-groomed, and free of stubble, book now!

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